Series: Nouă
Year of publication: 2012
Publishing house: Andreiana, Sibiu
ISSN: 1222-9695
ISSN Online: 2069-8895

Guest Editorial

The World Council of Churches, with the collaboration of the Orthodox Theological Faculty “Andrei Saguna” of Sibiu, organized in Sibiu, between 9-12 November 2010, an international Inter-Orthodox Consultation on “The Ecumenical Movement in Theological Education and in the life of Orthodox Churches.” It hosted representatives from various Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches.The main purpose of the meeting was to consider how the Orthodox Churches and theological schools have been involved in the modern ecumenical movement from its beginnings, and what steps forward they might take today.
Metropolitan Prof. Dr. Laurenţiu Streza, Sibiu, Romania // Prof. Dr. Pavel Aurel, Sibiu, Romania
Location : - Sibiu, Romania
E-mail : -
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Orthodox participation in the ecumenical movement and the role of theological education: A few questions in the form of Introductory Thoughts - Georges Lemopoulos

This paper contents an elaborated input presented at the conference entitled The Ecumenical Movement in Theological Education and in the Life of Orthodox Churches (Sibiu, Romania, November 2010). The author address, in an interrogative form, issues like the role of theological education”in ecumenical formation, the relation between ecclesiological challenges of Orthodox tradition and their ecumenical implications; the role of Orthodox theologians in witnessing the values of their tradition
Keywords: - ecumenism, ecumenical-theological education, orthodox witness
Georges Lemopoulos - is an Orthodox theologian belonging to the Ecumenical Patriarchate. He is currently the acting secretary of the World Council of Churches.
Location : - Sibiu, Romania
E-mail : - Yorgo-Lemopoulos@wcc-coe.org.
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Theological Education in the Oriental Orthodox Tradition and the Ecumenical Movement - Rev. Prof. Dr. Kondothra M. GEORGE

This study presents briefly the actual situation of the Oriental Orthodox Churches being afterwards focused on presenting the traditional education system of Malankara Orthodox Church which was adopted from the Indian tradition and on the theological and traditional values that this Church share with all Orthodox in the world.
Keywords: - ecumenism, Oriental Orthodox Churches, traditional indian education
Rev. Prof. Dr. Kondothra M. George, emeritus professor at the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kerala, South India, is a WCC Central Committee member.
Location : - Kerala, South India
E-mail : - frkmgeorge@hotmail.com.
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The Ecumenical Movement and The Theological Thinking in the Life of Orthodox Churches “Style and Ethos of being as Orthodox in the ecumenical movement” - Metropolitan Prof. Dr. Gennadios OF SASSIMA

This study presents firstly an elaborated vision of the author on the way how the Orthodox theology accepted to approach themes of large interest raised by western philosophy and theology in XIXth- XXth centuries. The second part is concentrated on the ecclesiological challenges related with the acceptance of discussing these issues by the orthodox theology. The last part presents the author`s vision on the future of the involvement of Orthodox theology in the ecumenical movement and the role that education could play in it.
Keywords: - ecumenical movement, ecclesiology, orthodox witness today
Metropolitan Prof. Dr Gennadios of Sassima (Limouris) of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople is a professor of Orthodox theology and canon law in various universities. He is vice-moderator of the WCC Central Committee, and staff member in several international commisions for theological inter-christian dialogues. He is also a member of the presidium and of the Central Committee of the Conference of European Churches (CEC).
Location : - Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
E-mail : - gennad@attglobal.net
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The Future of Orthodox Ecumenical Engagement: Traditionalist, Mainstream or Prophetic? - John A. JILLIONS

The assumption is often made that the Orthodox Church has a unified approach to ecumenical engagement with other churches. This paper argues that while there is a ‘mainstream’ model (reflected especially in the thought of Georges Florovsky), there is also a minority ‘traditionalist’ model. While having radically different attitudes towards the modern ecumenical movement (traditionalists are vehemently opposed), both of these accept the premise that the historical Orthodox Church alone is the fullness of the Christian Church and that doctrinal agreement and incorporation into the Orthodox Church must precede sacramental communion. A more open alternative model (‘prophetic’) reflects proposals made in the 20th c. by theologians such as Sergius Bulgakov, Nicholas Afanasiev, Anton Kartashev and Nicholas Zernov. These were not taken up at the time but it is argued that they deserve to be studied again as fresh ways for the Orthodox to think about other churches and the possibilities of Christian unity.
Keywords: - ecumenism, ecumenical theology, orthodox position on ecumenism, Florovski, Bulgakov, Afanasiev, Kartashev, Zervov
Rev. Prof. Dr. John A. Jillions is Associate Professor, Eastern Christian Studies at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada
Location : - Ottawa, Canada
E-mail : - jjillions@sympatico.ca.
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The Bishop’s Liturgical and Sacramental Responsibility - †Laurenţiu, Metropolitan of Transylvania

According to the oldest historical testimonies, the bishop has naturally been, since the beginning, the center of all religious life of Christian communities in every local Church. As primate of the Christian Church, the bishop had the fullness of the priesthood ministering power. In exercising his liturgical function, the bishop is the Savior Himself, as High Priest and Hierarch
His Holiness Dr. Laurenţiu Streza is Archbhisop of Sibiu and Metropolitan of Transylvania. He is Dean of the Andrei Şaguna Orthodox Faculty of Theology, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania. Address: Andrei Şaguna Orthodox Faculty of Theology Sibiu, Str. Mitropoliei nr. 20, RO - 550179 Sibiu
Location : - Sibiu, Romania
E-mail : - ipslaurentiu@yahoo.com
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