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Dear Colleagues and collaborators of Revista Teologică

2018 has been declared by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church as ”The Festive Year of Faith and Ethnical Unity of Romanians” and ”The Commemorative Year of the founders of Great Romanian Unity from1918.” Starting from this impulse, the editorial board of Theological Review announces the themes of the 2018 issues:
Hereby you are also invited to contribute with studies, articles, translations of patristic texts, chronicles of missiological or ecumenical events, book reviews etc.
Theological Review is one of the oldest theological publications in Romania and in the Orthodox world. Presently it is ranked at national level in CNCS-B Index and it is in the process of being admitted in ERIH Plus Catalogue. Theological Review enjoys a broad international visibility. Its articles are indexed in prestigious data bases like Religious and Theological Abstracts - RTA and EBSCO.
Scientific studies are published bilingually; in Romanian and in an international language.
Theme RT 1/2018
– January - March 2018 –
Deadline for submitting papers
– January 31, 2018 -

Theme RT 2/2018
– April-June 2018 –
Deadline for submitting papers
– April 30, 2018 –

Theme RT 3/2018
– July - September 2018 –
Witness and Martyrdom –
Historical References and Present Perspectives

Deadline for submitting papers
– July 30, 2018 –
Theme RT 4/2018
– October to December 2018 –
From Unity in Faith towards National Unity
Deadline for submitting papers
– October 30, 2018 –

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