The Theological Review is an official publication of the Metropolitan See of Transylvania, edited by the Centre for Theological Research of the "Andrei Şaguna" Faculty of Theology, Sibiu

Andreiana Publishing House, Sibiu
Online ISSN 2069-8895
ISSN-L 1222-9695
Revista Teologica is indexed and abstracted in Religious and Theological Abstracts:


The journal was established in 1907 at the initiative and under the guidance of Dr. Nicolae Bălan from the Theological Institute in Sibiu, the future Metropolitan of Transylvania. It was suppressed because of political reasons between 1947 and 1956; it was reissued in 1956 under the title <>. The journal's original title was restored in 1991. Today, it is printed with the blessing of His Eminence Dr. Laurențiu Streza, Archbishop of Sibiu and Metropolitan of Transylvania.


Revista Teologică is a quarterly journal, being issued in March, June, September and December, every year.

Peer review

Revista Teologică publishes only peer-reviewed original work.

Editorial Objectives

Revista Teologică aims to contribute to the publication of the most important Romanian and international Orthodox theological research conducted in the classical fields (biblical, systematic and practical theology), from a traditional and ecumenical, inter- and trans-disciplinary perspective, as well as in other fields that are relevant to Orthodox theology. Moreover, through its book review section, it systematically promotes the development of communication within the worldwide Orthodox academic community and of its interconfessional relationships.

Journal Sections


pastoral letters written by the bishops of the Metropolitan See of Transylvania


original and new research that meets the current editorial requirements


translations into Romanian of patristic literature, accompanied by introductions, notes and comments


significant church life events, scholarly chronicles, papers presented during scientific events, Orthodox or ecumenical


extended, critical reviews of recent work published in Romania and worldwide in the field of theological studies (theology, church history and culture)

The authors assume all responsibility for their published work. They do not represent, unless otherwise stated, the official position of the Archbishopric of Sibiu, of the Metropolitan See of Transylvania, of the “Andrei Şaguna” Faculty of Theology in Sibiu, or the opinion of the Editorial Board.