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Christian apologists, on the mystery of resurrection


Man was concerned with the Mystery of death and resurrection way ahead of it, being unbound through the Death and Resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ. In all religions of the world, there was an attempt to solve this riddle and various conclusions and beliefs have been formulated, nevertheless, all pursuing the same goal – to offer man facing the imminent reality of death an answer concerning his existence and his hope in future life.

Having existed concepts about death and even some intuitions on resurrection in pagan religions, this being much more obvious with Jews, the Mystery of death and resurrection was discovered by our Saviour Jesus Christ Himself, Who, through His Incarnation, came to experience death, defending it forever through His Resurrection and making all the faithful in Him partakers to it.

Christian instruction on resurrection was a preoccupation of Christian apologists who had been trying to give an answer to pagans and hope to Christians facing martyrdom. The present study attempts to lay value on resurrection as investigated by Christian apologists, and as being looked at with curiosity, it answers multiple questions even nowadays, as well as worries that modern man has in relation with his existence and whatever there might be after death. I consider that in front of dilemmas that modern man comes across, an insight into the world of Christian apologetic writings on the resurrection of the dead may offer a clear and hopeful answer. This study points out that, even today as in the era of persecution against Christians, people are gripped by the fear of death especially in the face of multiple crises in the world. The Christian apologists gave conclusive answers to the persecuted Christians, which are still valid today for man afraid of death and its eternal consequences. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead has unravelled this riddle and given hope to mortal man.

Fr. Nicolae CHIFĂR is Professor at at the Orthodox Theological Faculty „Andrei Şaguna” of „Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu, Romania
Keywords :

death, resurrection, Christian apologists, modernity, life after death


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