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In January 1907, the first number of "Revista Teologică" (the "Theological Review") was published in Sibiu. It started its way with the initiative and under the leadership of young professor d. Nicolae Bălan from the Theological Institute of Sibiu; it was edited by the "Archdiocesan Press" (founded by Andrei Åžaguna in 1850) and it was recommended to be published in 12 issues yearly. Thus, the new journal was joining the few church periodicals of the time: "Biserica Ortodoxa Română" ("The Romanian Orthodox Church"), which has been printed since 1874, "Candela" ("The Votive Light") in Cernauti (1882-1946), "Viitorul" ("The Future") printed in IaÅŸi and Bucharest (1898-1916). The Archbishopric of Sibiu was only printing the official newspaper "Telegraful Român" ("The Romanian Telegraph") established by Andrei Åžaguna, and printed ceaselessly since 3 January, 1853 until present time.
Nicolae Bălan
1920 - 1955
Because of these reasons, Revd. Prof. Nicolae Bălan considered that it was necessary to print a journal, dedicated exclusively to the clergy, to help them in their cultural and pastoral activity under the political and social circumstances of the time. The journal had a few highly regarded collaborators, such as: archimandrite Iuliu Scriban from Bucharest, the assessor priest Gheorghe Ciuhandu from Arad, professors Silviu Dragomir and Aurel Craciunescu from Sibiu, the Greek-Catholic priest Stefan Pop from Banat (whose pen name was "Gruia"), who converted to Orthodoxy later on, a few rectors and priests who were publishing sermons (Vasile Gan, Ioan Teculescu, Pompei Morusca and others). It was printed on a monthly bases until the end of 1916, when it was discontinued because of World War I.

In 1920, its former editor, reverend professor Nicolae Bălan was elected Metropolitan of Transylvania, and therefore the journal was published again, with his blessing, in January 1921, edited by revd. Pompei Morusca, the one who became later on bishop Policarp of America.

Iustin Moisescu
1956 - 1957
Nicolae Colan
1957 - 1967
Since January 1923 until the summer of 1936 it was published under the direct guidance of the rector of the "Andreiana" Theological Academy, professor Nicolae Colan. He succeeded in adding to the group of renowned collaborators (Gheorghe Ciuhandu, archim. Iuliu Scriban) several other eminent theologians, such as professors Ilie Beleuta and Grigorie Cristescu from the Theological Academy, the members of the new generation of Academy professors, under the direct guidance of Metropolitan Nicolae Bălan, namely: Nicolae Terchila, Dumitru Stăniloaie, Nicolae Neaga, Spiridon Cândea, Nicolae Popovici (the future bishop of Oradea), and then, in the fourth decade, Grigorie Marcu, Teodor Bodogae, Liviu Stan, Nicolae Mladin, Corneliu Sârbu, Nicolae Balca, Gheorghe Åžoima. A "golden generation" that Sibiu had never seen before! We should also mention here the other contributors coming from other Romanian cities: academicians Ioan LupaÅŸ and Åžtefan MeteÅŸ from Cluj, revd. professor Ilarion Felea from Arad, Isidor Todoran from the Theological Academy in Cluj, and even a few university professors from Cluj, during their "refuge" in Sibiu, such as the Hellenist Åžtefan Bezdechi. Numerous rectors and parish priests published sermons and articles of pastoral interest. The articles published in "Revista Teologică" were in the main scientific papers written on various theological topics but there were also sermons, church chronicles and book reviews.
Nicolae Mladin
a967 - 1981
Antonie Plămădeală
1982 - 2005
From the autumn of 1936 until the end of 1947, the journal was under the care of Grigorie Marcu, deacon and professor of the New Testament, worthy descendant of the editor Nicolae Colan, a very proficient editor.

Nevertheless, as the chronicler said, "the times are not under the man, but the poor man under the times," since August 1944 the wrath of communism having spread all over the country, the Church had to face unthinkable hardships. Between 1947 and 1984, one by one, almost all publications of the church were suppressed, so that, "Revista Teologică" was discontinued at the end of 1947.

After nine years, in the autumn of 1956, it was printed again under a different title, "The Metropolitan See of Transylvania" under the new Metropolitan of Transylvania, Iustin Moisescu, soon to become Metropolitan of Moldavia, and then Patriarch. Its publication was entrusted to reverend professor Grigorie Marcu who guided it until the middle of 1976. Between 1976 and 1992, reverend professor Ioan Ică Sr. was the journal’s "responsible editor." The publication was patronized by the metropolitans of Transylvania:

ÎPS. Dr. Laurențiu Streza
Nicolae Colan (1957-1967), Nicolae Mladin (1967- 1981) and Antonie Plămădeală (1982-2005). At first, the journal used to be printed six times a year, and then only four times a year; the paper it was printed on was low quality. Since the beginning, the articles published in "Revista Teologică" were divided into several sections, corresponding to the four branches of theology: biblical, historical, systematical, practical and sermons, detailed church chronicles and book reviews.

According to the "traditions", the main contributors to "Revista Teologică" were the professors of the University Theological Institute in Sibiu: Nicolae Neaga, Grigorie Marcu, Milan Åžesan, Teodor Bodogae, Åžtefan LupaÅŸ, Sofron Vlad, Isidor Todoran, Nicolae Mladin, Dumitru Belu, Ioan Zăgrean, Alexandru Moisiu, Dumitru Călugar, in addition to the members of the "new generation" of theologians: Mircea Păcurariu (since 1957), Ioan Floca, Constantin Voicu, Dumitru Abrudan, Ioan Ica Sr., Ilie Moldovan, Liviu Streza, Vasile Mihoc, Sebastian Åžebu, Aurel Jivi, and others. Among these, we should also mention the external contributors, such as: Åžtefan MeteÅŸ, Eugenia Greceanu and Ioana Cristache-Panait (church art) and many others. Each of them wrote papers in their field of research, preserving the scientific diversity of "Revista Teologică". After 1961, numerous studies and "chronicles" on the ecumenical movement were published. Unfortunately, absolutely all materials published before 1989 needed "the endorsement" of the Department of Cults and of the "Direction of the Press", and therefore many were rejected or censored by incompetent servants of the communist regime.

The journal recovered its original name, "Revista Teologică" in 1992. It was edited by professor Ioan Ică until 1992, then by the Cultural Department of the Archbishopric (councilor Gheorghe Papuc), by professor Aurel Jivi (1995-2002), and since 2004 by professor Nicolae Chifăr. A “new generation” of contributors have emerged, i.e. professors of the "Andrei Åžaguna" Faculty of Theology: Ioan Ica Jr., Dorin Oancea, Nicolae Chifăr, Ioan Mircea Ielciu, Aurel Pavel, Irimie Marga, Vasile Grăjdean, Nicolae MoÅŸoiu, Sebastian Moldovan, Constantin Necula, Paul Brusanowski, Ciprian Streza, Constantin Oancea, but also younger scholars Daniel Buda, Åžtefan Toma and the students enrolled in the doctoral studies program of the Faculty of Theology.

Outstanding foreign Orthodox and non-Orthodox theologians, patrologues, and historians have also contributed to our journal during the years, such as John Breck, Jean-Claude Larchet, Gennadios Limouris, Andrew Louth, Stilianos Papadopoulos, Samuel Callian, Keith Hitchins, and Adolf-Martin Ritter.

Under the care and the guidance of the Metropolitan of Transylvania Dr. LaurenÅ£iu Streza, we hope that the "Revista Teologică" will continue to accomplish its noble mission of enlightening the clergy and the theological students with honor.


Mircea Pacurariu

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