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In memoriam: Pr. Robert Taft SJ – portretul unui intelectual fascinat de ritul bizantin – Alexandru-Marius CRIȘAN

This short paper contents a short biography of Father Robert Taft SJ, as well as a brief review of his works and contribution in field of liturgical studies, as Father Taft recently passed away. His name is well known for his contribution in the theological research of the history of the Liturgy through his many books, studies and articles published, but also thanks to the students he tutored during his career at the Oriental Pontifical Institute in Rome. In the Roman Theological Faculties one can still hear the expression taftismo to catalogue Taft academic research style. On the 2nd of November, last year, the Pontifical Oriental Institute academic community announced that Father Robert Taft SJ passed away. This article is intended to be an intellectual and spiritual review of his life and activity. In the following lines we will try to summarise the main biographical stages of this great figure of both Roman and Oriental academic theology, starting from the roots of his fascination regarding the Eastern liturgy, trying to reach the main aspects of his life and activity: the importance of his publications and the ecumenical relevance of his academic career. Another aspect will be the identification of some of his students, now professors in different universities of the world and belonging to both Catholic Church and Orthodox Church who represent today a continuation of his vision about the academic research of the Liturgy.
Cuvinte-cheie: – Robert Taft; The Byzantine Rite; Liturgy; The Great Entrance; Pontifical Oriental Institute; the story of the Liturgy.
Dr. Alexandru-Marius Crișan este colaborator la Centrul de Cercetare Ecumenică Sibiu din cadrul Universităţii „Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu.
Locație : – Sibiu, România
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