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Suirea pe tron a Fiului lui Dumnezeu – Pr. Conf. Dr. Constantin Necula

This translation regards four homilies of St. Gregory the Great spoken by the author in the winter months of 590, describing in particular the events of the Savior‘s Birth, of his enthronement as Emperor, but also of the celebration of St. Apostle Andrew and of the followings by the Apostles of the Savior Of their Mission Statement. The reader can see how St. Gregory the Great and the ancient Roman world perceived and appropriated these great events of salvation.
Cuvinte-cheie: – St. Gregory the Great, Homilies, the Birth of the Savior, St. Apostle Andrew
Pr. Dr. Constantin Necula, conferenţiar la Facultatea de Teologie „Andrei Şaguna” din cadrul Universităţii Lucian Blaga din Sibiu.
Adresă : – Sibiu, România
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