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Vechea traducere românească uitată a Sinodiconului Ortodoxiei (I) – Arhid. Prof. Dr. Ioan I. ICĂ jr

This article introduces a modern edition of the forgotten old Romanian translation of the famous Byzantine “Synodicon of Orthodoxy” printed in the Slavonic-Romanian edition of Triodion published 1700 in Buzău by the famous printer Mitrofan (ca 1640-1702), bishop of Buzău. Ignored by the Romanian scholars, the translation was identified in 2013 by Ivan Biliarsky. This article suggests that the translation was made from Greek by the famous Romanian Hellenist Radu Greceanu (1655-1725), a close partner of bishop Mitrofan in his printing endeavors sponsored by the prince of Wallachia, saint martyr Constantin Brâncoveanu in order to promote the Orthodox faith in a context of Catholic missionary activities in Eastern Europe.
Cuvinte-cheie: – Synodikon of Orthodoxy Triodion, ancient Romanian literature, confession of faith, theological culture.
Arhid. Dr. Ioan I. Ică jr, profesor la Facultatea de Teologie „Andrei Şaguna” din cadrul Universităţii „Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu
Locație : – Sibiu, România
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